Few words are as polarizing.
Some say it is a choice.
Some say it is a disease that affects how the brain works.
Some say it is both a disease and choice.

Gary Ackert, Author

Gary suffered from multiple addictions, beginning at a young age. Getting married and starting a family didn’t deliver him. Only when he experienced the gospel of Jesus Christ did he find the hope and strength to break free from its grip.

In Hope in the Madness, Gary shares
the freedom-giving news that:

  • God isn’t surprised or disappointed in our addictions
  • Jesus joins us in the midst of our struggle
  • The Holy Spirit, living in us, gives us the strength to overcome our addictions

Through the Power of the Gospel,

We really can break free from our addiction. Gary guides us through the journey to freedom in his book, “Hope in the Madness”!

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What People Are Saying about “Hope in the Madness”

Liberated To Live Fully

This book has helped me overcome my barriers to living with God’s fullness. It’s full of sage, seasoned wisdom for anybody who wants to live in God’s freedom. I highly recommend it.

Steve Vannoy

The gospel solves real problems!
Hope in the Madness is clearly written and organized, the language is accessible and personal and it steers in a consistent direction from beginning to end. Ackert lays out the Gospel accurately and carefully with very sound theology and biblical analysis. In my view, the book is an explanation of the Gospel that could be helpful for anyone, addict or not. In fact, I was expecting to hear more about addiction and the “practical” tools for dealing with it. Instead he focuses on the Lordship of Christ and lets Him do the work!

Placing the full scripture texts at the end of each chapter was a nice move. It gives the readers ready access to them and they can dig a little deeper if they want to.

I also appreciate Gary’s candor about his own struggles. On the one hand I was sorry to hear about his pain but on the other hand it has given him empathy and wisdom to help others that most of us don’t have.

Thank you so much for this work!

Adonye Fubara