I recently went to visit my son and his wife. I was looking forward to some relaxing birding with my wife, but instead I got two feet of snow and spent time snowblowing my son’s driveway. I found myself asking a question. I realized that part of who I defined myself as was tied to birding, specifically to the number of bird species I see in a year. Once I realized this, I had to really ask if this was true. Am I defined by this? There are so many things we define ourselves by and this has one major impact on us. It helps define our worth.

Often we aren’t worth much if we don’t measure up to someone’s standard. Maybe we want to look good in society. Sometimes we want to look like we have it all together. Our advertising is based on making us believe we need the next new and greatest thing or we suck. We spend much of our lives trying to find our worth in external things that change daily. Insanity at its best.

We often define ourselves by what we do or what we have. It becomes a losing proposition because at some time in our lives we doing things we hate or find ourselves not having enough.

Over the years I found myself really disgusted with myself. I started creating masks to hide from others and myself. I saw myself as not having anything to offer that had any value to anyone. I had no relationship worth or value.

Ultimately I had to really wrestle with this. I had to decide if I wanted to use the same standard to determine my worth or find something new. I didn’t like the standard I was using, but what else is there?

I found a new way to see myself in the Gospel. My worth isn’t tied to what I do or not do, but to God who said I was worth dying for. Novel idea, you bet! Check out my book to find out more about why you, too, are worth dying for.